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Balagne wine route

The AOC Vin-de-Corse-Calviis located in the magnificent region of Balagne with small perched villages open to the sea. It is one of the oldest terroirs. On nearly 300 ha of granite and layers of clay or silt, the vines are scattered in small plots on the outskirts of the Figarella and Régino valleys. The production area, in a more temperate climate, with rare frosts in winter and endowed with exceptional sunshine throughout the year,
is swept by sea winds.

Corsican artisanal biscuits ...

Corsican Canistrelli are one of the culinary specialties of the Isle of Beauty. These small, dry and crunchy cookies are part of Corsican heritage and their existence is closely linked to the history of the island.

Olive oil

We find in Corsica the Sabine,typical variety of Balagne.
Corsican olive oil is guaranteed, at national level, by a controlled designation of origin since 2004.

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Essential oils

The essential oil of Immortelle (Helichrysum italicum) is one of the aromatherapy champions! For cosmetic, therapeutic or well-being use, its many virtues will be useful to you on a daily basis.

Facing the bay of Calvi in Balagne, the magnificent village of Lumio welcomes this small family-style distillation unit.


The natural flora richness of our island is used by beekeepers who have learned over the years to decipher the complexity of nature. Thus, they move their hives from the sea to the mountains throughout the seasons so that the bees can forage for all the flowers that give the flavor palette of honey.
The range of 6 honey in PDO Miel de Corse - Mele di Corsica thus includes flavors from the bitterest to the sweetest, sometimes delicate and sometimes persistent, which takes you from the clementine orchards by the sea to the chestnut trees of the mountain, in passing through the wild scrub ...


Corsican product par excellence, Corsican charcuterie often comes to the fore in island gastronomy.Coppa, Lonzu, Sausage, Figatelluensure you a discovery of new flavors with an authentic taste.