To visit

Lumio, close to Villa Limone guest house in Corsica.

Our pretty villages of Balagne

Calenzana the gateway to the Gr 20 ... but not only!Family friendly village, do not hesitate to lose yourself in the alleys to discover the typical Corsican dwellings.
... By following the D151 you will cross the villages of Zilia, Montegrosso, Catéri, Sant 'antonino, Pigna, Corbara, to finish on Lîle-rousse.
Zilia, the Waters of Zilia, mineral water from the Corsican mountains.
Montegrosso, panoramic viewpoint over the bay of Calvi.
Catéri and its beautiful baroque church.
Sant 'antonino, the highest hilltop village in Balagne,
with a 360 ° view of the region.
Pigna, for all its craftsmen and its typical alleys.
Corbara and its Corbara Treasure Museum.
Fango Valley, Natural River.

The Fango Valley

With its natural pools is one of these exceptional panoramasthat nature offers us in Balagne. Mountain, river, forests and stones steeped in history.
The Fango Valley, classified as a biosphere reserve ... encompasses the entire Fango Valley, from the delta to Galeria up to an altitude of 2,556 meters, thus revealing all the floors of a Mediterranean valley. It is in this grandiose setting that a torrent with clear waters and excellent quality also flows, which has been awarded the "Site Rivière Sauvage" label. If you look closely, you will even see Corsican "macrostigma" trout swimming there!
Scandola sea promenade reserve

Day at Sea

The Scandola Nature Reserve is both a marine and a land reserve, also on the UNESCO World Heritage List,and forming part of the marine protected areas of France.

Embark on an unforgettable walk and discover what more nature has, especially when humans cannot access it. Landscapes that make you dream, animals in the wild ...